I’m Pau Orts Ros, a graphic designer from Valencia interested in new forms of communication and interactive environments. I’m keen to explore collaborative practices and work in a non-disciplinary manner; whether that involves research, teaching or design practice. I am interested in how collaborative working processes establish new and playful connections between people and concepts both inside and outside the design field and how shared experiences facilitate further learning. To this end I enjoy working with tools that create a pure and honest message.

About my friends and collaborators
Feel free to contact me for any collaboration at info@pauorts.com.

Alongside Phantasia we created a visual identity for the 12th edition of the Sâlmon Festival d’arts vives de Barcelona. The festival consists of a program of performing arts, night time sessions and a thought program. Under the coordination of Raquel Tomás we designed the graphic communication and the website for the festival based on a stylized and expanding version of tribal tattoos, which are both symbols of culture and identity and a representation of oppression and colonialism, one of the main themes of the festival in 2024. This edition of the festival was co-curated by Andrea Rodrigo and Néstor Garcia. Collaboration with Ombreta Vokopola.

The publication of the exhibition Un Exercici de violència by Guillermo Ros, exhibits and catalogs the working process and the proposal the sculptor made to the museum. Un exerici de violencia at the IVAM´s Gallery 6 simulates two frozen instants, with a different ambience on each of the gallery’s two levels, in which a fight reminiscent of a video game takes place. Un exercici de violència lays bare the violence the artist exposes himself to during the artistic process involved in the very act of exhibiting, which Ros renders here as combat with the architecture of the institution. In the publication, we structure the layout as the museum’s own architecture and columns, where Ros’s combat occurs. A collaboration with Blanca Crovetto. Photography by Alberto Feijóo.

Design and publication for the exhibition “Becoming/ Unbecoming” by Mar Reykjavik, Rafael Tormo and Norberto Llopis at the Galeria del Tossal. The exhibition and the publication share with the visitors two years of conversations, sharing methodologies and commom concepts between the artists. The transcription of the conversations was related by Álvaro Devís, Maria Domenech and Oscar Cornago. Collaboration with Ombreta Vokopola. Photos by Vicent Orts.

But the echo comes back empty is a publication for the artist Álex Marco, which brings together his work, journey and process during his residence in Les Alisiers, Switzerland from August to October 2020. The publication gathers the drawings, paintings, photographs, objects and photograms created during his residence and the resulting layout follows the paths taken by Álex through Les Alisiers area. Paths on which one could walk and explore the processes, imaginary and creative language. This is a collaboration with Laura Santarelli, coordinated by the gallery Luis Adelantado and the Von Schulthess collection.

I’m feeling lucky was a workshop that explored the concept of interaction in its most basic sense. In order to achieve this the group worked on an interactive experience in which the user freely and randomly navigated through their clicks. The purpose of the collective was not to flaunt technical prowess, but to use the open language of code as a tool that conveys a clear message, enjoy a communal experience and develop a critical stance regarding the different ways of being online. Collaboration with ***Virginia Murcia*** Link to the workshop.

Linea d’argento is a publication designed for Manu Blázquez. This book is an homage and an expression of gratitude to all those who were, and still are, Manu’s masters in graphic art. This publication is the resulting body of work undertaken at Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna in 2010 and his residency at the Real Academia de España in Rome in 2022.

Working as part of the team with Edu Piracés I designed the website of Noela Covelo. In her work Noela combines fashion design with language related to the body and the human voice to explore different topics and themes. Responding to Noela’s request to broaden her own working processes, we created an online space where content can be mixed, modulated and defined according to different types of projects and needs. Visit the website.

I worked as a consultant and designer for the 2021 Fragments program. “Fragments: photoessays and visual memory”is a cultural project dedicated to research into, and the practice of, photojournalism in order to construct a contemporary Valencian visual memory. Work is published at an annual cultural event that involves conferences, workshops, along with an exhibition and photobook. This project was carried out with the assistance of Álex Bellón.

Unchained Vol 1 is a visual archive and codex, in the form of a book, that documents the bond forged between the artists Guillermo Ros and Alberto Feijóo. This volume compiles a massive quantity of images (selfies, friends in common and public figures), shared experiences and discoveries made on social networks, that were exchanged between the two friends over a period of years over Whatsapp. Unchained Vol 1 intertwines critical questions about the role of artist and contemporary art by defying the limits of political correctness.

Unchained Vol.1 was first released in a presentation at A10, Valencia, 31 January 2021. Link.

Álex Marco presented his project, Lo que pasa en el parque, se queda en el parque/ What happens in the park, stays in the park at the IVAM, Valencian Institute of Modern Art. Each week the artist collected anonymous drawings from the museum’s park, which seemed to communicate with each other and created a transcription of this communication. The drawings were then collated into a pictorial installation on the floor of the museum and presented to the viewer along with a text. I worked together with Álex Bellón on the design of the text and the analyzing images and connecting them with the text. Printed by Do The Print.

In collaboration with Alex Bellón I worked on the new website for the La Unió de Periodistes Valencians. La Unió is the predominant organization of professional journalists in Valencia and was established with the aim of defending the rights of journalists and raising awareness of the interests of its members. We created a website that functions as a virtual archive accessible for all users. The archive does not simply function as storage, but also as a digital space where content is expanded and updated by the community of users. Coded by Ricardo Juárez. Visit the website.

Conversación Abierta is the curatorial research group based in la Sala Alcalá 31, Madrid. In collaboration with Edu Piracés I designed the website, for this project. Taking the group’s methodology into account we created an ephemeral website based on the idea of an open work of art developed by Umberto Eco and the Open Form theory, and work, of Oskar Hansen. This methodology espouses a non-hierarchical relationship between the artist and viewer and embraces art-as-process, engaging the viewer, recipient and user in a horizontal dialogue.

Together with Edu Piracés I designed the official program for The Municipal Government of Madrid’s Sacred Music of Easter. Nacho Padilla, the creative director of the municipal government, stated that the government aimed to universalize the music for the whole city and, for the first time, ensure that more than half of the participants were women and feature a woman as the principal musician. Edu and I took the decision to dispense with religious iconography and designed a program that would appeal to people of all ages, focusing on the music and increasing the visibility of women. In addition, we included natural imagery in the program to bring the readers and spectators closer to the idea of Easter as a spiritual communion with nature.

CentroCentro is the official cultural center of the Municipal Government of Madrid, which is dedicated to hosting the culture of all of Madrid’s citizens. It is a public space where leisure and learning take place in a context of participation. Together with Edu Piracés I worked on the redesign of the centre’s communicative materials. We decided to continue using the forms of the circle and the dot that are present in the objectives and location of the building since the building is situated in the centre of the city and functions as a meeting point for urban life and culture. However, we added color to these existing elements to guide the user through the distinct actiities of the centre.

Together with Edu Piracés I designed the website of Laura Jeschke. Laura is a landscape architect whose work deals with the planning and design of public space and urban green areas. We organized a selection of the most acclaimed projects of her career and linked these with photos that she had taken with her own mobile phone to emphasize her personal connection to the sites and projects.

A Cuba is the second album by Tarquim, in which the musician engages with different types of traditional Afro-Cuban folkloric music and jazz. The album is a tribute to the people whom the artist met and learned from on the island who helped bring the album to life. We designed the vinyl with material that the artist kept from his time in Cuba using an image of the sheet of paper where he wrote his most intimate songs for the record sleeve. We felt that we were able to bring the musician closer to his listeners by sharing an intimate and immediate part of the artist’s working process by utilizing the purity of a photocopied image. Collaboration with Alex Bellón.

Al cedir en el conflicte, es perd alguna cosa/ to cede in conflict is to lose something is a workshop that was conducted together with Dioni Sanchez in Escola Lateral. The aim of the workshop was to reflect on the pedagogy of the design field and analyze different methodologies, tools, contexts and roles. Through collective exercises and by modifying the space we generated experiences that allowed for shared experiences to develop between the participants. Through a playful process of trial and error we employed images, ideas, texts and objects to arrive at new ways of thinking and doing. Vicent Orts was an instrumental collaborator in the construction of the spaces used in this workshop.

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